2014 – the year of culling, culling, culling…


So much of my 2014 was filled with culling. Trawling through long lines of titles and abstracts in a very, very large EndNote file. Constantly searching for those citations relevant to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and social media –  it certainly brought back memories from my speechBITE work days!

Culling started with 11,673 citations which eventually dwindled to 16 relevant papers. Of course, along the way my Twitter feed was filled with my comments, progress and interesting finds. There were so many papers that captured my eye, even though they weren’t relevant to both TBI and social media, they were relevant to use of social media in healthcare. Being able to share these little discoveries in real time on Twitter also now means that I also have a clear (and public) record of my finds.

Capturing highlights of the arduous process and summing up my 2014 – here is my year of culling in Tweets:

Culling 1 (2) Culling 2 Culling 3 Culling 5 Culling 6 Culling 7 Culling 8 Culling 9 Culling 10 Culling 11 Culling 12 Culling 13a Culling 13b Culling 13c Culling 13d Culling 13e



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