This blog aims to share my discoveries and thoughts along my long and winding path throughout the research world.

Melissa Brunner 

Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist, Member Speech Pathology Australia
Bachelor Applied Science (Speech Pathology), The University of Sydney
Master of Health Science (Stroke Management), The University of Newcastle
PhD (Speech Pathology), University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney

Casual Academic, UTS

Social Media Coordinator, ABI Communication Lab

ASSBI Editorial Board (Social Media Editor), Brain Impairment

Chair, Digital Health Week 2022

Deputy Chair, Digital Health Week 2021

Conference Committee, International Cognitive Communication Disorders Conference 2022

Committee Board member, speechBITE

Contact person, Australian Speech Pathology Brain Injury Interest Group (SPBIIG)

Professional Experience

Speech pathologist and early career researcher with over 20 years of experience in the assessment and management of adults with swallowing and communication difficulties. Clinical and research expertise in acquired neurological disorders, particularly working with people who experience stroke and traumatic brain injury. Specialist skills in evaluating research methodology and proficiency in electronic data management, including social media platforms.

Postdoctoral Research

Post Doctoral Fellow in the Acquired Brain Injury Communication Lab at the Unviersity of Sydney conducting research in the field of acquired brain injury, speech pathology, and digital health.

Research projects (2020-2025):

PhD Research (2014-2020)

Twitter use by people with communication disabilities post traumatic brain injury (TBI).

There was no published speech pathology evidence of social media Twitter use for consumers or professionals in the TBI population with communication difficulties. Liss’s doctoral research was unique as it aimed to establish a baseline for current use of Twitter as a social media within this population and evaluate the implementation of a training program on use of Twitter for information exchange and engaging within social networks in this population. The publications that arose from this research will inform future investigations into the use of social media by people with acquired brain injury and how best to incorporate functional, everyday aspects of communication (such as social networking) into rehabilitation programs to improve outcomes people living with a brain injury, as well as guiding their significant others in supporting them to use social media safely and meaningfully.

PhD Supervisors

Bronwyn Hemsley, UTS (primary supervisor)
Leanne Togher, The University of Sydney
Stephen Dann, Australian National University
Stuart Palmer, Deakin University


A list of publications can be found on Google Scholar


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